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Clinically Proven Collagen

Drink your way to live better for longer. Drink to younger-looking skin, rich hair, bouncy joints and happy You. Nurture your wellbeing from the inside out everyday. GOLD COLLAGEN® is the only clinically proven formula since 2011 that stimulates the natural collagen production in your body. Trust the research laboratories of MINERVA and the wisdom of Japan. Choose the new generation skincare solutions that work from within. Millions of women already choose GOLD COLLAGEN®. Don't miss the key to a younger you! Join them and save with our subscription programmes.

Gold Collagen Bottle
  • 10 years best-selling collagen in Boots, since 2012
  • Every bottle, every dose, every sip contains Marine Collagen and lots of Nutrients. A formula developed with over 10 years of scientific research working with nutritionists and academic institutions. Patented and clinically proven until it provided the perfect balance of essential vitamins and minerals to restore your health.

  • 91% would recommend it to a friend

    Liquid GOLD COLLAGEN® works on a cellular level, absorbing fast into your blood stream and nourishing the body immediately. Working from within to nourish and rejuvenate youthful and beautiful skin unlike traditional skin creams that work on the surface only.

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Meet Your Liquid Collagen Allies

Each of our formulas has been developed with over a decade of rigorous clinical testing and scientific knowledge. Targeting specific areas for different types of individuals.

30 Days To Radiant,
Hydrated Skin

Expect a 27% decrease in deep lines & wrinkles

Your skin will be noticeably different
Your hair will feel nourished
Your nails will be stronger
Your joints will function better


8,500 positive reviews

*Actual testimonials chosen from 3,000 positive reviews written by customers drinking our bestseller FORTE

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I've been using it for 3 months now. Have really noticed a difference in my skin, it’s glowing.

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Meet Your Beauty Saviour

Complement your GOLD COLLAGEN® routine with our range of skincare products to benefit from immediate hydration, glow and plumpness

  • Helping You Live Better For Longer
  • We are committed to innovating functional products for wellbeing that naturally improve the health and beauty of skin, hair, nails and joints from the inside out.

  • It’s not just about collagen

    Every GOLD COLLAGEN® supplement is specifically formulated to provide you with the perfect balance of essential vitamins & minerals. The food to nourish your body from the inside. GOLD COLLAGEN® is also your skincare ally with topical products for your face hydration and skin plumpness.


Meet Our Nutritional Support Tablets

Pair your daily treatment with our hyaluronic acid-based tablet, the multivitamin full of antioxidants, and our first range of clinically tested biotic cultures.

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